Virtualize your desktop

Oracle VDI is a technology allow to virtualize several desktops on one or more servers or cloud environment. Each user can connect to his desktop for different types of equipment :

  • Thin Client OracleSunRay
  • Linux computer, Windows or Mac using Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
  • Tablet iPad through the application OVDC for iPad

This technology allows to homogenize your computers and the rapid deployment of a user environment unlike a workstation "classic" that requires regular interventions on the computer. It industrializes completely the environments lifecycle work of users and simplifies migration from one system to another.

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What we offer

TECLIB offers a free alternative which allows to use license free Open Source, unlike other concurrent solutions that only work with proprietary licenses. Oracle VDI frees you from the constraints of the PC without imposing limitations of display's servers or shared applications continuing to distribute specific environment by user.

oraclevdi hardware client

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